Production of sand

The available reserves of minerals from our excellent surface mine are the guarantee for the production of high-quality construction materials. In addition, our production lines of sand and gravel are based on the latest technologies of the Austrian company Hartl and the German company Krupp and Hazemag.

From our product range, we want to emphasize the range 0-4 mm. Obtained by wet method, the material’s quality is ideal for machine-made floor glazes. The particularity of the sand grains in the range 0-4 mm is confirmed by the fact that the product is sold to other districts of Bosnia and Herzegovina and exported to the Republic of Croatia.

The surface mine is located in Kazanci in the town of Bosansko Grahovo on the main road Livno - Bosasnko Grahovo.

In order to be closer to our customers we have established a depot in Rapovine near the town of Livno. There we offer our customers a complete overview of our product lines – also from our concrete manufacturer.

Przine bb, BiH
80270 Bosansko Grahovo

Splitska bb,
BiH-80101 Livno

Tel.: +387 / 34 / 201 255
Fax: +387 / 34 / 203 165

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